3 Jaw Chuck for Craftsman 6" metal Lathe

Looking for a chuck (self centering) for an Atlas/Craftsman 6" metal cutting lathe. Have the 4 independant jaw chuck. Being frugal, I'd prefer a usable used one. Any help will be appreciated.

Lud Pietz snipped-for-privacy@charter.net

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How cheap is cheap?

They show up on eBay all the time. Here's one:

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and another:

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and a third one up now:

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Just make sure you get one with the right thread to fit your lathe. IIRC they changed the spindle thread somewhere along the way.

There's a Yahoo user group called IIRC "atlas_craftsman · Atlas_Craftsman Metal Working Machines". I'm sure the guys there could help you re the spindle thread size issue.

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