Steel bolt in aluminum: anti-seize or anti-ox?

I am repairing an aluminum brake (i.e., a brake for bending aluminum
house flashing/cladding). It is made of aluminum castings and
extrusions, held together with steel bolts and screws. Every single
bolt/screw is corroded in place! Not so much rusted as bound-up by
corrosion of the aluminum it's in. AND ... all the screw are Phillips
head! &!@^&%^%$&*?!
Anyhow, I WILL get the screws out and when I put it back together I will
not use Phillips heads and I will coat them. So, the question is: do I
coat them with anti-seize, or with anti-oxidant? If anti-seize, does it
matter which form?
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Bob Engelhardt
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This has been an interesting thread - replies that said use zinc anti-seize and another or 2 for anti-ox (e.g., Penetrox). Looking up Penetrox, I find that it's zinc based! As is my bottle of Noalox. The MSDS for Noalox shows that it's only 20% zinc, so I'd say zinc anti-seize would be better, but still basically the same thing.
Thanks to all, Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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