Strength of various HRS and Equal Angle Sections

Does anyone know of a good site which perhaps has a calculator on it for
determining the relative load bearing charastics of small (50mm x 50mm x
3mm) HRS and Equal Angle steel sections. I have some plans for a trailer
which shows using 50*50*5 equal angle and would like to know what
size/section of HRS would provide the equivilant load bearing and overall
strength charastics.
Tks John Allen
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John Allen
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John, John - I fear you are attempting to "over-engineer" your trailer project. The working loads imposed on a highway trailer are more complex than the "relative load bearing characteristics" you seek. Simply stated, it is impossible to anticipate in advance what the actual working loads will be -- think of rough roads, sudden braking stops, overloads, joint design etc and even if you are a skilled structural engineer, you will eventually have to pull some of the unknowns out of the air. I suggest that you examine an existing unit that has proven satisfactory under similar loading, and use that for a preliminary design. Safety should be an important consideration, and thus an overdesign makes good sense. The cost of a failure would be far higher than any savings from a cheap design. Cheers, Dave
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David Anderson
Go to
formatting link
and download a wonderful program called "beamboy" and play with your various steel sections.
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Peter Merriam
Tks Peter, great program
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John Allen

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