Michigan automotive school selling surplus..machinist and welding Stuff

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Large Automotive Tool Sale (Redford, MI)
Date: 2010-08-09, 10:51AM EDT
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Michigan Technical Academy, a public charter school in Redford,
terminated its high school automotive program in June 2010. We are
selling all of our automotive tools, which range from small hand tools
to automotive hoists. Most tools were purchased in 2006 and are of
professional quality. The listing below reflects most items available at
the start of the sale, August 4, 2010. Hours are Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Wednesday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. We are
located at 23750 Elmira, Redford (Elmira intersects Telegraph Road on
the north-bound side just south of Plymouth Road -- there is a McDonalds
on the corner).
Lincoln MIG welder
Miller TIG welder
Cylinder Bore Gauges - Central Tools
Electrical Digital Capliers - Storm
Inside Micrometers 50-300mm - Storm
Mertic Micrometers - Central
Conventional Micrometers - Central
Spindle Rethreading Dies - Cornwell
Metric Bubble Flaring Tool Sets - Mastercool
53 pc Tap & Die Set Standard Sizes #6 - 3/4" - Irwin Hanson
66 pc. Tap & Die Set Metric Sizes 3mm - 24mm - Irwin Hanson
41 pc. Tap & Die Set Metric Sizes 3mm - 12mm - Irwin Hanson
40 pc. Tap & Die Set - Pittsburg SAE
SPX 5 Gas Exhaust Analyzer
SPX OTC 3840 Lab Scope
SPX OTC Scope Module for Genysis Tester
"Genisys Scan Tool w/ OTC Genisys 2007 Software,
SPX OTC Scope Module, 3840 Lab Scope"
NGS Scan Tool
Craftsman Belt Sander
Helicoil Master Thread Repair Set
Helicoil Master Thread Repair Set
Starrett Small Hole Guage Sets
OTC Puller Assemblies in Cabinets
OTC Fuel Injector Cleaner
OTC Genisys 2007 Software
Cylinder Leak Tester
Fuel Pressure Tester
Refrigerant Identifier - Robinaire
A/C Adaptor Kit - Mastercool
Refrigerant Leak Detector
A/C Leak Detector Kit - X-Citer
A/C Universal Manifold Gauge Kit
Slide Hammer - OTC
Pistol-type Grease Gun
Compression Tester
A/C Clutch Hub Remover & Installer Kit - OTC
A/C Clutch Pulley Puller Set - OTC
Tubing Benders - Robinair
A/C Clutch Remover
Tire Filling Gauge
IR Air Ratchets
IR 3/8" Impact Gun
IR Air Chisel
NAPA Air Chisel
Die Grinder
90 Degree Drill
Blow Guns
Battery Load Tester
Metric 3/8" drive Swivel Socket Set
Standard 3/8" drive Swivel Socket Set
Standard Crow's Feet Set
Metric Crows Feet Set
Metric Combination Wrench Set
Standard Combination Wrench Set
3/8" drive Impact Socket Set
1/2" drive Chrome Socket Set
3/8" drive Chrome Socket Set
1/2" drive Impact Socket Set
1/2" drive Standard Impact Socket Set
Ratcheting Lock Nut
Bushing Installer Kit
Belt Tension Gauge
3/8" drive Metric Allen Socket Set
3/8" drive Standard Allen Socket Set
Battery Hydrometer
Central Telescoping Gauge Set
Central Small Hole Gauge Set
UV Detection Light
Wire Brushes
Cone Type Puller
Straight Edges
Hose Clamp Pliers
CV Boot Clamp Pliers
Spark Plug Wire Pliers
Tubing Bender
Battery Cable Pliers
Snap Ring Plier Set
Bearing Blind Hole Puller Set
Vacuum Gauge
Hose Clamp Pinch off Pliers
Brake Caliper Tools
Power Steering Pulley Puller Tools
Bearing Separator
Inner Tie Rod Tool
Clutch Hub Service Tool
Spring Compressor
3/8 Impact Tool
Assorted Brake Tools
1/2" drive Deep Impact Sockets
Pitman Arm Puller
Misc. Large Punches
Misc. Large Punches and Chisels
Misc Speed Wrenches
Chisel Holders
Battery Booster Pack
Cooling System Pressure Testers
Air Tank
Mechanic Creeper
Empty Rocker Bit Case
Wood Planes
Hood Props
File Sets
Super Chrome Wrench Sets
Jumper Cables
Electric Drills
Flaring Sets
Auto Transmission and Engine Oil Pressure Tester
Lisle Picklefork Kit
Dial Torque Wrench
OTC Torque Angle Gauge
K-D Torque Angle Guage
Torque Wrench 3/8"
Torque Wrench 1/2"
Valve Seat Cutter Tool
Cylinder Hone Kit
Valve Spring Compressor
Misc. Valve Spring Compressor
Master Appliance Heat Gun
V Block and Clamp Kit
Master Inner Tie Rod Removal Set
Steering Wheel Puller Kit
Misc. Size Piston Ring Compressor
Valve Lapping Tools
Bushing Driver Kit
OTC Bushing Driver Kit
Torx Screwdriver Set
OTC Master Ball Joint Adapter Set
OTC Ball Joint Removal/Install Kit
Bearing Removal/Install Kit
Camshaft Bearing Removal Kit
1/2" Drive Breaker Bars w/ 12" Extension
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