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In my unending quest for crocus cloth, I ended up in another older hardware store today. This one I don't get to frequently since it's off my normal routes, but I thought I'd give it a try. No luck on crocus, but found this:

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PEC is an old tool brand, have some thread checkers and such with their name on it I inherited. Seems like decently made stuff. Anyway, a somewhat different approach to a mundane item, thought folks would like to see it. Only thing I'd like to see with this is one with a ratchet handle. Have several Stanleys with ratchets, very handy on car work.


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Maybe there's still a chance for Western Civilization after all...

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Denis G.

Cool tool!

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Larry Jaques

Neat. The Hornady bullet puller is of similar design.

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Don Foreman

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