Thanks to the poster on; Use of DC Motor for small lathe

You guy solve my treadmill problem with your discussion of DC controller.
I have a Shoptask that I bought to make a unit for my tandem bicycle that
cost about five hundred dollars.
formatting link
formatting link
I considered converting the lathe
drive motor to DC when the group was buzzing about the surplus treadmill
motors. I instead bought a low speed pulley system for the Shoptask that
dropped to 80 rpm. barely enough for the thread I had to chase to make the
independent coasting device Last month a friend ask that I look at a
treadmill that his parent wanted to get rid off. The motor overheats and
trip the circuit breaker.
One thought was to use the motor and controller on the lathe section of my
machine, however my wide saw it being tested and decided that she wanted to
use it as a treadmill.
The next thought was to buy a surplus DC motor and replace the one in the
treadmill and play with the old one.
That was about the time that the thread started. The information in the
thread, that the IR control pot is to prevent the motor over heating
suggested to me that adjusting this control may be the reason that this
motor is overheating. I made the adjustment and the motor is running cooler.
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