Top-coating cold galvanizing rustoleum

Project is a trailer to haul coal (take THAT arabs). I'm using hot rolled angle and once I get everything welded up and clean off the mill scale, I was going to use Rustoleum cold galvanizing spray paint. I'm pretty good with a rattle-can. Rustoleum says only use latex paint for a top coat. Well, I found Krylon H2O latex spray but I dunno. Should I maybe just leave the galvanize paint uncoated? It looks like primer but I don't really care. Ideally I'd paint the trailer black, but I'd like to hear from anyone with any thoughts on how to proceed.

Thanks as usual, Nok

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I painted my trailer's frame with grey cold galvanizing spray. I decided to not topcoat, as that would make it easier to recoat if rust starts appearing anywhere.

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Oh to have a gallon of red lead primer.


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For Gawds sake, don't paint it black. I damn near ran right into a black snowmoble trailer on a rainy/snowy night because the trailer tail lights were unplugged. The trailer blocked the tow vehicle's lights. Paint it a bright color and put DOT tape on the back.


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Carl Byrns

I did both of mine with Rustoleum "rusty metal primer" - the brown stuff (with whale oil!).

One was brushed.

The other sprayed (wagner power painter)

It has held up well for eleven years.

I doubt the spray can stuff will work that long.


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cavelamb himself

Don't topcoat any Rustoleum product with anything but another Rustoleum product. It might work, but Rustoleum is not compatible with some other finishes and you can end up with a mess.

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Don Foreman

Metal buildings can be hot dipped. x years of use. Metal buildings can be hot dipped and then painted over the Galvanize and the life is extended extensively - in buildings - by 10 years a 2x time.

So when I put in a pipe int eh ground and mounted my weather station, it was galvanized already and I painted with a good coat of Metal paint.

SO far so good.

Mart> NokNokMan wrote:

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Martin H. Eastburn

I can't remember if it was Rustoleum, but I used a cold galv paint that was not very tough (scratch resistant). I'd say test it first.

And speaking of scratches: the coal that you're going to haul is going to be really hard on any paint and that you should expect it to be worn off pretty quickly.


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Bob Engelhardt

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