Tool gloat!

Spotted an estate sale in the paper touting machinist tools. Got there late as I mistakenly turned off on a similarly named street, so when I arrived, it was a struggle to decide what to look at first, as I see guys already paying for stuff I would have bought. I scored a nice Dake model 1-1/2 ratcheting arbor press for $30! 3 ton capacity, retails for $880 in MSC. I'm happy with that!

But as I was looking around trying to decide what to lay claim to next, I hesitated a bit too long and missed out on a nice little Barker horizontal mill with collets and tooling that went for $150. Dang...

And there was a large plastic tub half full of quick change lathe tool holders and tool post. All home made, but very nicely done, almost commercial quality. That got grabbed while I was scoping out a watchmaker's lathe trying to decide if I really had a use for it.

However, scored some other nice little misc tools. And in talking to the folks running it, learned there's a nice late

40's Logan buried in the garage. Left my number, I'll get a private shot at that in a few weeks. All and all, not a bad Saturday morning...


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Jon Anderson
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I went to one of those last Friday. People were everywhere pawin' through all kinds of goodies; tools, Harley parts, etc. It would have been great fun except it was a dear old friends stuff. A guy I called a Brother, who died unexpectedly. His vulture sisters had a company sell off his "crap" so they could sell th' house. It made me wanna puke!

Hope you guys all have a will so that doesn't happen to your "crap".


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I just hope that when I pass on my wife doesn't sell any of my stuff for what I told her I paid for it.

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Not sure a will would have changed anything. Unless it was very detailed in designating where "everything" went his sisters might still have ended up with all his stuff and had to get rid of it. I've seen it enough times where our possessions only become a burden for those who are left behind.


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Bruce Boyd

I just hope my siblings and nephews (and a niece that all position welds) want some of the stuff.


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I "warned" my wife to be careful if I bite the big one. Told her to find current retail pieces of all my major tools, and ask 3/4ths of new for it and haggle from there. I occasionally see good tools going for garage sale prices, but not often enough!! ;-) Greg

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Greg O

Ha ha thats a good one !!


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Darn. I saw that on craigslist and then promptly forgot about it.


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