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Answered an ad on Craigslist for a 4' bench grinder for $30. The picture
looked like a tool post grinder.Went and looked and it was a tool post
grinder, no name. Got home and looked closer, the belt said South Bend Lathe
Works. Checked a SB tool catalog and there it was. The original moter had
been changed to a 1/4 hp Leeson but it ran fine. It's even SB Gray 90%.
I've never seen a SB grinder before and Ebay has nothing on them....
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Clif Holland
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you should change your name! I almost didn't read your post because of "Cliff". Did anyway. Glad you found a good tool. Sometimes you never know what is actually being sold, based on the description. Do you have a "tool post" to mount it on?
Paul, KD7HB Redmond, OR
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Maybe not on the same magnitude as your find, but......
I was at my favorite used tool store, when an older gentleman who was poking through some stuff handed me three items that were taped together with a $1.25 price tag.
He asked me if I knew what they were, and I said I did.
He then asked me if I wanted them, and again I said I did.
They were 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" Waldren broken tap extractors.
I looked them up in my Enco book and they were listed at more than $10.00 each.
Approximately $40 worth of tools for $1.25.
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