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Called on a local add for machinist tools, and learning the seller had a
bunch of end mills, I went out to look. Retired, he's in the process of
letting of of things he just can't use anymore. Got a killer deal on a
lot of nice quality end mills, all new or very lightly used. Didn't
bring enough cash, and offered to either come back or write a company
check for the balance, he said he'd accept the check.
As I started writing it, on impulse, I decided to buy a set of parallels
in a nice fitted wood rack. I could see 2 smaller sizes missing the
matching parallel, but all the bigger ones were there, and I don't have
any thick parallels. Got them home, and then spotted the metal tag on
one end, 'Anton Machine Works, Brooklyn New York'.
Dang! a nice made in USA set! All are within .0001 or better by my
Starrett digital mic, and end stamped with the sizes.
Looked them up, and sure enough, still in business. Christmas Eve,
emailed asking about prices for replacements on the two missing
parallels. Got a reply Monday, I can buy individual parallels. Going to
cost a little over $100 for the missing pieces, but the set retails
for... $1095! Oh yeah, I paid $25!
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Getting rarer around here. All the retired machinists from the gold mines are long gone. I have tools from the estates of retired machinists from Grass Valley Group and Litton. This fellow used to work at McClellan AFB. I'll never forget one estate sale many years ago of a fellow that worked in the toy industry as a mold maker. Could have spent several grand if I had it to spare. There were mold drawings for toys I'd played with as a kid. In retrospect, wish I'd bagged a few of those drawings...
Almost didn't call, as it's often amusing what some people consider machinist tools. He's got a nice Aloris tool post and holders I want, but don't have an engine lathe and it might be too big for what I will probably end up with.
Where's your 'here'?
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