Tool Gloat

Last Sunday I stopped into an auction and was able to pick up an AMMCO

7" shaper for the piddling sum of $20.00

A bit rough around the edges but should make a nice overhaul project when I finish the steam engine that I am working on now.

Hmmm. Do I picture a 2 axis CNC conversion here?

Errol Groff

Instructor, Machine Tool Department

H.H. Ellis Technical High School

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Wow bargain! Any chance of some pics?

CNC shaping machine sounds like a hoot!

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The dmachine is at school. If I remember to take the digital camera on Monday I will post some pictures Monday evening.

Be warned though it isn't pretty now but the potential is there.


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Errol Groff

Errol, A truly worthy gloat!

I keep having delusions of CNC+Shaper too - growing from a simple idea for stops at limits of feed travel, then adding programmable feed, then getting all carried away with controlled tool slide and 'contouring'. Very do-able; I have just refrained because it is sooooo easy to make so much stuff *for* the shop that I don't get anything made *with* the shop.

I have settled (for the present) on a magnetic starter with a central limit switch in series with the hold relay. A slide trips the switch at either limit of travel.

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Fred R

Some get all of the toys.


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Errol Groff wrote:

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