Strip nail galvanizing question

I recently bought a Hitachi NR83A2 full head framing nailer.

Yesterday I bought some strip nails made by Senco that say on the box "hot dipped galvanized". Upon opening the box, the nails look very bright and do not have that irregular, matte, silver/grey appearance that I'm used to seeing on hot dipped steel.

They cost more than the "bright" Senco nails.

What's the deal?

My best guess would be that they are electroplated and not dipped.

I would hate to think that they are mislabeled bright nails being sold at a premium price in a big box store where a homeowner might not notice the difference.

This weekend I will test one of these nails next to a bright, common nail, and a real, known hot-dipped galvanized nail using

1 N HCl.

Here's my question:

Who makes the best hot dipped galvanized, full head strip nails that will work in my Hitachi nailer?

As a followup, who makes the best stainless nails?

Since 2500 nails is pretty much a lifetime supply for me (I'm not a framer) I'd be happy to pay roughly the same amount for a box with fewer stainless nails. Maybe I should just do that.


Jeff Dantzler Seattle, WA

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Jeff Dantzler
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