Larry Jaques (vise)

I lost my bids on used Wilton vises. Instead, I bought this vise that
you recommended:
formatting link

It seems to be heavy duty enough to be usable, and I will not use it
for pipe holding. It was on sale for $44.
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On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 23:43:35 -0600, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus24248 quickly quoth:
You may rue the day you bought a large, swivel-jaw vise from HF, but if it locks well in place, without the jaws turning, you're in luck. I took another look at mine and it's a 6-inch, not 5. The main reason I bought that specific vise was that it was very large. I could use it as a press for U-joints and it would take a beating as well. And for under $25 (1970s dollars), it was a good value. I'm still beating the hell out of it nearly 40 years later. It was my main bending jig for years, too. Speaking of which, I need to anchor that HF bender to a bench some day soon.
G'luck with your 5655.
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Larry Jaques
With that big ole vise you have, just hold the bender in that. A piece of angle with one leg bolted to the bender & the other leg held in the vise. Unless you have plenty of bench space to dedicate some of it to the bender.
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Bob Engelhardt
What about brushed vices? :-)
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Harold and Susan Vordos
When it comes to vices, Larry is KING!
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Tom Gardner
On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 14:53:38 -0800, with neither quill nor qualm, "Tom Gardner" quickly quoth:
Tendjewberrymud, Tawm. You're not too bad at those yourself, Brushmonger.
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Larry Jaques
It must be snowing out 'cause you guys sleigh me. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller

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