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Several years ago I bought 2 treadmill motors from Surplus center after
hearing about them on this NG. I put one on my lathe and am using it
now. The other one I saved for a spare but now I want to put it on my
drill press.They are DC motors built by GE and they have variable speed
controls with a magnetic tach. I don't have a good speed control for my
motor (I must have used it when the lathe control gave trouble). I'm
thinking of getting a Minarik-type speed control for it but I'm
wondering how well it'll work because this is a series wound motor and
most electronic speed controls are meant to be used with shunt wound or
PM motors?
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This coming week, Ive got to go pick up (9) 2.5hp motors, new in box, that came out of the garage of a guy who was the engineer for a company that made treadmills, when he moved. He didnt want to take em with him.
Ill post details this coming week.
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A small Minarik controller (23102) works fairly well on a series-wound sewing machine motor, so a larger one might work OK on a treadmill motor -- but it won't be as "stiff" as a controller that uses tacho feedback.
Some treadmill controllers are based on the TDA1085 chip, which is still available from Digi-Key for $1.68. THis chip has provision for tacho feedback. The datasheet shows a schematic and a board layout for a controller using this chip. You'd need some other stuff too, like diodes and SCR's.
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