Can a 3ph VFD output be used to run a 1ph motor, or will it unbalance the output and drive the VFD nuts?


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The only one that can tell you for sure is the manufacturer. Give them a call. I suspect it will, and if it were mine, I'd give it a try, especially if it were a later model.

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Jim Stewart

No, it can't. It depends on some balance between the 3 line wires. Also, single-phase motors have starting switches that make them poor choices for variable speed.


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Jon Elson

My mistake, I read it to be a 1 hp motor. I would not try to run a single phase motor off a vfd.

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Jim Stewart

No. What are you trying to accomplish?

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In which case -- is the "3ph" above supposed to be "3HP" as well? (Since all VFDs that I know of are 3-phase output, anyway.)

I've got a 7-1/2 HP VFD running a 1 HP motor at the present. There should be no problem running a smaller motor from a larger VFD.

However, if you happened to have what is called a "static convertor" instead, *that* is very sensitive to load horsepower, and it would almost certainly not work properly. (But it also does not have the "variable" part to qualify for the 'V' in "VFD", so I don't think that is what you are talking about.

To minimize the chance of confusion, I tend to use upper case initials for "horsepower", and lower case for "phase"

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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