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I checked the voltage on my phase converter (3HP 3Phase Baldor)today and got 122v,122v,and 180v on the wild leg. Is 120v all I should be getting on the 2 lines from the 220v line from the breaker box even after they are fed through he converter? I thought that the converter would boost these a little bit. Thanks for the help. -Steve

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I think you are measuring the voltages incorrectly. You need to measure line to line, three ways, not line to ground. The 120 volt number you mention implies that you are measuring line to ground.


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jim rozen

Just put one probe on one motor terminal, the other probe on another. Since you're measuring AC, it doesn't matter which probe goes where. Remember, 3 ph doesn't involve ground, so measurements to ground are essentially worthless.

A to C (L1/T1 to L2/T3) should be 240 volts. A to B (T1 to T2) should be 240 volts. B to C (T2 to T3) should be 240 volts.

Unless the converter is tuned perfectly, the 3 voltages won't be exactly the same. But if they're within 10%, they'll be fine. If they aren't, then you need to adjust the tuning capacitor values until they are.


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Gary Coffman

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