Washing machine skin metal gauge?

I'm looking for some scrap sheet metal for a project I'm about to start,
need to know what gauge metal an old washing/dryer machine outer skin is
before I drag one home and have to listen to the wife complaining about
more junk in the yard.
What about an old door skin from a S10 Chevy?
Looking for a piece about 14x26 16 gauge.
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Washing machines usually have a porcelain coating don't they? I would think that this might make a big difference. But then you didn't say what you were going to do with the metal.
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It's unlikely you'll find 16 gauge metal in typical consumer throwaway items like washing machines, especially a nice flat section like that. 16 gauge is also considerably thicker than automotive sheet metal, even floor pans. Are you sure you need 16 gauge?
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I don't have any on hand to test, but, having scrapped out a number of appliances, I would guess that washing machines, oven enclosures and the like run from 26 to 22 gauge. They're not going to be as thick as 16g. I've done some work with 28g and they're a bit thicker than that.
Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady
Yeah, they're 'way thinner than 16 ga. I cut a piece off of one to cover the hole I had to cut in my furnace's outer skin, when I converted to gas. I'd guess it was 24 ga.
-- Cheap Ed
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Ed Huntress
Out of interest, old computer cases make pretty decent "blanks", especially the really old ones. Obviously, size is too small for your needs.
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