Welding metals

I think I know the answer to this question but I want to make sure
since i'm not an expert on metal.
When welding metal together, it has to be the same or similar metal,
correct? Therefore, for example, I assume aluminum and steel can't be
welded together. How can I learn about what type of metals can and
cannot be welded together?
Thank you
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When I went to welding school, I got the best book I have ever seen about welding. I wish I could find it again.
In it was a section about welding "dissimilar metals." It can be done, but it has limits, and then, the finished product has/may have properties that are weaker than the parent metals.
I just googled dissimilar metals, and the second hit was ARC WELDABILITY OF DISSIMILAR METALS. Should give you lots of reading time.
That seems to be the proper term.
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Steve B
I took a TIG welding class, where the instructor showed us a little box made of 3x3" plates all welded together. The 6 sides were all different metals. I remember there being brass, copper and stainless steel sides. You might be right about not being able to weld aluminum to steel, but I think there are probably more possiblities than you think, at least with TIG. the sci.engr.joining.welding newsgroup is very good info source.
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