Welding dissimilar metals

I need to repair a section of commercial food service equipment where a weld
has broken and it is two different metals welded together. One is regular
mild steel and the other is a higher quality stainless steel. It obviously
can be done. All I have is a MIG, can I use that? Also which type of wire
should I use. I am new to welding but I have been practicing and I am
getting better results with steel and I just started welding stainless but
any advice on this particular subject would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If you have a small MIG welder then you can remove the inner hub in order to mount a small 2 lb. spoolgun spool.
By a 2 lb. spool of 0.024" or 0.030", 309LSS.
You can get away with the Argon/CO2 gas mix used for steel.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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