stick welding dissimilar metals

I own a cheap 110v mig welder and a real nice miller thunderbolt 250xl stick
welder. I can weld regular steel as good as almost any non-pro welder but i
have a question about welding steel and stainless steel together. The exhaust
on my mustang is stainless steel (i don't know what alloy), i want to cut out
the factory mufflers and weld in a set of flowmasters which are aluminized
steel (i will wire brush the aluminum coating off). I found some stick
electrodes called "312" which say they are good for welding stainless,cast
iron, dissimilar metals and high nickel steels. Are these the best electrodes
for my application? What welder settings should i use (i'm thinking DCEP,
around 60amps?) I'm not real concerned about how the weld looks as long as i
don't burn through and the weld is strong enough to support the exhaust.
any thoughts,
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60 amps would be for a 1/16" electrode.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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