Welding SS to CRS

I thought there was a post on this recently but I can't find it, so here
I'm mounting two 10" wheels to the rear of my engine hoist, using 3/4" crs
for the axles. My design requires welding the end of a L-shaped rod to the
bottom of the 3/4" axle. I made the "L" rod parts, and when I bent them
using O/A they cracked (very upsetting) at the bend, so I just filled in the
weld with steel filler. When I tried to position the rod I had trouble so I
tried a magnet. The bar was not magnetic! It turns out it is SS. So much
for pulling something out of the scrap bin!
Any recommendations on welding the SS rod ends to the CRS axles? I will be
using TIG, and have both plain steel and copper coated, not sure what alloy.
I was planning on trying the uncoated.
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Alex H. Sallwey
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309LSS is available at most welding suppliers and is an excellent filler rod for dissimilar metals.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks Ernie, this time I'll file the info!
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Alex H. Sallwey
Alex, I'm going to show my ignorance here...but hey, any day you learn something new is a good day isn't it?...O.K. here goes....I thought CRS, or CRES...were both short for the term "Corrosion Resistant Steel", which I thought was the same as stainless steel??? If there is a difference, could someone explain it to me? Thanks -clutch-
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CRS = cold rolled steel, at least in the common parlance in the US. - GWE
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Grant Erwin
Oky doak...what about "CRES"??? is that stainless? Also (now that I understand we were talking about cold roll...duh) I have had luck stick welding cold roll to stainless using nickel rod (also called cast iron arc welding rod) Alex. Nickel rod will usualy be labeled starting with "Fe". Otherwise the welds will crack as the weld cools & the 2 different base metals cool at different rates & impart cracking on the weld. Hope this helped...also I have to admit, in all my 25 years of army welding I've never seen cold roll abreviated (or just never realized it) "crs"....do we also use "hrs"...what about "hres"??? -clutch-
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