Welding stainless to mild steel

I have a child bicycle seat made so that a child can ride in a bike behind an adult. This seat has two legs made of steel, that are not long enough to properly fasten to bicycle frame neat the rear axle hub.

I would like to extend this piece and can use 304 stainless. Can I safely weld 304 to mild steel, with E308 filler rod?

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The dealer told me to use 312 for mild & stainless. This is the job:

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flux fumes were irritating.


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Jim Wilkins

I found a way to do what I wanted, without welding. It would be a lot better in many respects. But thanks, I will remember it.

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To weld stainless to carbon steel you can use basic 308L filler, but the welds may crack over time.

312, and 309 are better choices for dissimilar metals.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

I have had good luck with 310 for general welding of 'difficult' steels. There was a time when it was quite common to use 310 ss for welding tip shanks on heavy digging buckets as it gave good life under high impact loading.

Good luck, YMMV

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