What can I do about this?

I bought a grounding bar and everything seems to be working as
planned. Thanks for the insite!
One thing thay bothers me that I am praying is not a problem. During
the pulling process, some of my wire got "scuffed up". I am positive
it is not throught to the wire, put the plastic looking face has come
off in some areas. I taped with black tape for extra protection. Some
of this is in the part that goes into the panel. For security I
wrapped in black tape for a couple of feet. If the inspector sees this
in the panel, will it be a problem and if so is there an easy way to
remedy it?
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"stryped" wrote in message
I hope you didn't use a tubing cutter to cut the conduit! If you did you'll have to take it _all_ apart. You've got a circular razor edge at each end of the tube that'll cut the wires over time! Haven't you learned how to deal with burrs and sharp edges yet? Think about it......... phil
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Phil Kangas
I hope you didn't fill in the trench either. The trench usually has to be inspected prior to filling in.
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I used a hack saw. The trench is not filled in. One problem I had is some of the pipes are not completely bottomed out.
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