What's the NF thread count for #4 screws?

AFAIK 4-40 is NC. What's the thread count for NF?

Alternately, if 4-40 is NF, then there's a metric screw size that's almost exactly the same diameter as the 4-40 but has finer threads. Is there such a beast?

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Norm, There is a 4-40 and a 4-48 thread. In metric there is a M3-0.5. This is very close in diameter to a #4 and equal to 50.7936 threads per inch. Chief

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I don't know about the metric size, but there are also 4-36 screws about. These are absurdly coarse for their size, worse than 6-32's even. Still, they are out there, and fairly common in older equipment.

As stated, the NC is 4-40 and the NF is 4-48.

Dan Mitchell ==========

Paul Batozech wrote:

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I don't think that there is a close enough metric size to the #4 screws (it would be 2.8448mm), but a #3 comes quite close to a M2.5 (2.524mm) (The common 3-48 comes pretty close to a M2.5x0.5 (0.52mm pitch) And a 3-56 comes even closer to M2.5.x0.45 (0.4536mm pitch)

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

The 10-32 has a very close metric brother - I think it's the M5 screw?


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