Need help on potential purchase of lathe/milling machine

There's an auction at work where some equipment is going to be sold. Two items
of interest to a friend and I are a Bridgeport milling machine and a Clausing
I'm a layman so I don't know what models they are or what's included/not
included. I can inspect the machines so what kinds of things should I be aware
of and what should I look for? They've only recently been put out of service
and I see no rust on the finished metal parts. The Bridgeport looks like it's
partially folded down and has a control box on it which I was told controls the
bed. The lathe has multiple speeds from what I can tell.
Since this is an company auction, there might be a chance to get this stuff
since most home users could not use this stuff, much less use it in their
garage. What could be a typical price range? Few hundreds, several hundreds,
thousands? I imagine quite heavy as well.
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