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  A dandy little red dot laser for my shotgun , five bucks and it was mine . The metalworking part is the bushing I had to machine for it to work . I'm not sure all the pieces in the package actually belong with this device , but there was a split clamp that fit the scope base I have mounted , but the part that clamps around the device was a little oversize . A small piece of aluminum machined 1.022 OD and .746 ID , split down one side so it will clamp and Robert's my mother's brother . Damned armadillo's don't stand a chance now ! (They dig around foundations and cause settling.)
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Terry Coombs
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Red dot for shotgun? You plugging Armadillos at 75 yards with punkin balls?

Ah, who cares. Sounds like fun.

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Bob La Londe

I scored a laser pistol sight with remote switch at a yard sale years ago. Fancy expensive home, two young kids left to run the sale. Asked for a price, $1 the reply. Was hard to hide my delight as I paid! Living in NSW now, it's used to drive the cat crazy...


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Jon Anderson

That's like the "some kind of electric meter" I picked up many years ago: "How much? - Five bucks. - How bout three? - OK" It was a Fluke 77!

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