Bending rolls for material 3mm wide

As an experiment I want to form some stainless steel flat strip (2.5x0.7mm) into rings about 80mm diameter. Commercial bending rolls seem like overkill and I thought about a Hemmingway kit although even that copes with 10" wide material.

I fixed three small ballraces to a baseplate and pulled some strip through, it bends the strip but the curvature varies with the direction of pull, and obviously the pulled end gets pulled straight somewhat.

What are the features I need to consider if I want to gear two of the wheels together and hand crank them. The pinions cannot be larger diameter than the rolls but if they are smaller they wont mesh. Are there any drawings or plans online that I could adapt?

Ian Phillips

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Ian Phillips
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Allan Waterfall made a nice one that wouild be just right for you . perhaps he will give you some plans. he had pics of it on the HSM forum :-

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