CAD/CAM and CNC software

So I have braved the icy waters of this subject with the intention of
converting a small Mill/drill for my model engineering activity ..... more
of a challenge than of a necessity it may be thought.
So what software in the CAD/CAM arena is a good starting point for a
beginner to get from drawing to G code and what software is a good start for
the controller to run under Windows?
Anything near the cost of an arm and a leg is out of the question ........
more like the amount in a charity envelope!
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Alan Marshall
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Try Mach2 (windows)
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This is a good site to ask questions
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Do let us know your progress, I'm thinking about how to convert my lathe at the moment.
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Stephen Woolhead
there is a version of partmaster at a good price that is set up to output to mach2, check out:
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I havent' ever used the cad/cam (spoilt by easy access to industrial software at work) but people who use it speak well of it, and Mach2 is pretty much head & shoulders above the competition.
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Kevin Steele
Also worth looking at is Master CNC on Colin Ushers website
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I have found this to work very well and is updated frequently.There is also a good Model Engineer index and other useful info regards Graham
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Graham B

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