Colchester Bantam topslide gib adjustment

As per my previous post, I've just rebuilt my Bantam's topslide and I'm not

100% certain about adjusting the gib. The Bantam's topslide has an angled gib which forms one of the dovetail sides rather than a separate gib strip; the gib is attached to the underside of the topslide body by 4 no.10 capscrews and has 4 grubscrews in the topslide body acting against the gib for adjustment. It seems to me that if I tighten the 4 capscrews, the adjusters won't work but I'm worried about leaving these screws loose as there are no spring washers to prevent the screws loosening further. Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for adjusting these (it's not in the manual, or at least not on the pages I have)? Thanks, Martin
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Martin Whybrow
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FWIW, on my Chipmaster, I used the cap screws to lock the gib after adjusting it with the grub screws. The clearance holes for the cap screws seemed large enough to allow for a little adjustment whilst still pulling up square. I've no good reason for doing this except that it seemed the only thing I could do. I have a complete Chipmaster manual, and that makes no mention of the correct procedure either. Of course, tightening up the cap screws affects the adjustment, so it's necessary to go ever everything a few times until it turns out right. Rather like tappet locknuts, really.

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