Curious pulley fixing

I had to remove the drive pulley to the vibrator of my Wacker plate today to get at the rubber vibration mounts, and was initially puzzled how the pulley was fixed to the shaft. No keyway,no grub screws, apparently a plain shaft (25mm diam) and a plain bored pulley. Thinking they were perhaps loctited, I put a gear puller on, and some mild heat, and sure enough they came apart, only to reveal that the shaft was turned down within the thickness of the pulley, and a 'tolerance ring' (*) put on the reduced shaft diameter. No signs of any bonding compounds, just a press fit. This is transmitting about 4

1/2 HP at about 5000 rpm. Is this a common way of fixing pulleys? I've never come across it before.

(*) The crinkly sort of thing used round bearings in loose housing holes


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Andrew Mawson
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Possibly there to act as an overload clutch perhaps? Martin

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Martin Whybrow

A "Rencol" ring they were called.I`m sure they went burst or at least downsized a few years back.I had a catalogue giving all the specs for this kind of application,but I`ve very rarely come across them being used for much more than holding ball handles on.They were a means to getting good fits without tight tolerances on the machining.Probably ahead of their time when engineers didn`t trust anything that wasn`t keyed or bolted.Now with cnc machinery it`s easy to hold a size to three points of a millimetre and they`re not needed. Mark.

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