Slip Roll Aluminium Bending Query

I'm part way through a jig design and realised that I don't know
whether what I want to do is possible, so I'd be grateful if anyone
with reasonable experience of slip rolls/bending rolls can answer it
for me.
I need to make an auminium sleeve in 2 halves to fit around a pipe.
The OD of the pipe is 336mm, and the wall thickness for the aluminium
sleeve is 3mm. There would a simple overlap type joint where the
sleeve halves mate up. Total length of the sleeve on the cylindrical
axis is about 150-155mm.
Is it possible to bend 3mm thick aluminium at this sort of size, is
there a particular grade of sheet material that may be suitable, and
can this be acheived on model engineer size equipment, or is it a more
industrial job?
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Peter Neill
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Should be trivial on any set of rolls that can handle 1.25mm steel. It should be within the remit of a 12" or shorter set of 1 1/4" or thereabouts rolls.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Mark, thanks for that info.
Most of the the smaller slip rollers available only have a spec to 1mm steel, although Warco have a combined machine with 38mm rolls/300mm, long but still only rated at 1mm. I might give them a call and see if they wouldn't mind running a test on 3mm aluminium for me.
I don't really do much sheet metal work (well none at all really..) but the price of these are cheap enough to add to the job if they work.
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Peter Neill

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