pipe bending

hope i am in the right newgroup. i am trying to bend a 3/8" metal rod
into a hook on the top. is there anything or a tool i can use to do
this. i looked at home depot and they had a tool but it would noe bend
into a hook and they had nothing else. any help and information would be
appricated. or if i am in the wrong spot please direct me to the correct
spot. thanks
jo helen
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Jo helen matheson
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Your subject says pipe, your message says rod. Pipe would possibly kink if not done right, whereas rod won't. How big of radius of bend are you looking at? Are you trying to do just one or many? Lane
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lane wrote: (clip) How big of radius of bend are you looking at? Are you trying to do just one or many? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also, please tell us whether the "hook" needs to be esthetically pleasing, or does it just have to hang from an overhead pipe? If all you need is a simple hanger, you may be able to do it by inserting the rod in a hole, and bending it by hand.
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Leo Lichtman
Pretty much wire bending is wire bending. The processes used in bending small springs also works for springs with wire 1' in diameter. There are limitations in the amount of curve you can put inot a wire cold or hot and those limits are in percentage as well as actual numbers. A jig for the bending that you desire and a bit of heat on the wire can make the whole thing happen supprisingly fast. Pipe can also be done but it is often wise to fill the insides with something to keep the pipe from kinking, something that it likes to do when not fully supported, with formed molds for holding the pipe.
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