I am Key

A couple of the regular witless wonders on this group have actually
emailed me and accused me of being the other Key. The one who babbles
about BS locksmith ethics and is slways spamming with the zone alarm
crap. Thats right the clueless cajun carper. I am not that Key. No I
did not make up a sock puppet to troll with and fuck up and use my
normal signature. Although I admit that is something that dumbass, the
other key, would be likely to do. That Key has stolen my name, Key,
and has been using it as his own. I am reclaiming the name Key. I will
be posting under the name Key. Actually I suppose I could be a split
personality of Key, the other key not me, and I might not be aware of
it and he, Key, not me, the other personality might not be aware of
me, which would make us the same person, a fucking scary thought, but
I dont think thats the case, but then I dont know for sure I could be
Key or Key.
Hope this clears up the confusion
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"willnevergoaway" snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...
didn't happen because just about everyone on this group knows me and also knows that my email address is spoofed (for spam reasons) very few of them even know my real email address.
zone alarm
"locksmith ethics" are not BS. also, "zone alarm" is free and not spam.
No I
and use my
dumbass, the
what are you talking about ?
I have used the name "Key" for around 10 years now. about 7 on this group. never once seen the name being used by someone else. so who is stealing whos name ?
make a fool of yourself if you wish..
you're the one thats confused troll-boy :-) I don't have any plans to change my name.
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