Key can't control himself, still.

Many of you told me that Key could be trained to ignore the goddamn trolls via behavior modification. Those of you who know of the considerable efforts to that end, well the joke is on you he can't be. Key is too stupid to learn.

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Key lives in a busted down smelly trailer
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Okay. I'm asking you man to man... Why do you feel you must use that kind of offensive (to many) language to make your points? And why do you feel your behavior is and better that those you complain about.

You come here (under multiple aliases) and criticize someone for conducting themselves in a manner that apparently bothers you to a point that you have address it (and address it, and address it...). Meanwhile you feel that it's alright for you to conduct yourself in a way that offends others and you don't seem to see anything wrong that.

Throwing the "F" word around is bad enough, and I can deal with it. But your last post crossed the line. It offends me. I'm asking you (and a lot nicer than you asked Key) to control your bevaior. Want to have your own little flame war? Have at it. But you don't need to be intentionally offensive to everyone else on the group, do you?

So how 'bout you be a bigger man, and behave? This is _your_ test. Can _you_ do it?


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Bob DeWeese, CML

Bob, you're dealing with a troll. What he wants is responses. He doesn't care whether they're abusive responses or not; any answer proves that he's succeeded in annoying people and making them pay attention to him. Think of him as a network terrorist; it's not about his message (not that he has one), it's about his power-trip.

If you answer, you encourage him.

Don't feed the trolls. Just killfile the sucker, and/or the threads he's trying to start (more effective in a case like this where the twerp is munging his userID). If he doesn't get answers, he will eventually get tired of punching pillows and find an easier target. (After a period of trying to prove me wrong, of course.)

Or, if you think he's worth the effort, do a bit of header analysis and see if you can get his ISP to shut him down. Looks like he's mostly coming in thru the University-of-Berlin server... which does require user registration specifically so they can kick out abusers. (I'm using that server myself.)

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Joe Kesselman


I know he's a troll. And trust me, I won't allow myself to be drawn into a flame war. I just thought I'd appeal to his... well I don't know what I'm appealing to in him but every human being is worth a shot.

Don't worry. If he replies negatively to my post, that will be the end of it as far as I'm concerned. (_I_ can resist) But at least I know I put forth the effort to reach out. (You know... "that love your enemy" thing)


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Bob DeWeese, CML

You're a braver -- or more patient, or more idealistic, or more optimistic -- man than I am, Gunga Din.

"... By the IBM that made you You're a better man than I am Hunk O' Tin"

(Darn. I don't remember who wrote that parody. It's _somewhere_ in my files...)

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Joe Kesselman


You know the trolls really don't bother me at all and I used to like to take the occaisional jab at them just for the hell of it but it became clear that they really annoyed some other people that make a contribution here so I stopped so as not to encourage them and see those people driven away. That said now even several of the regulars on this group that always gave the (overall good) advice 'ignore the troll' are feeding the trolls. Now, personally I don't really care one way or the other because to me it's just words on a screen and they don't bother me in the least, but it's pretty clear that if you want them to get lost then ignore them and they are mostly gone. If you respond they/he/she/it, whatever theory you personally favor, will stay and post and post and post and post some more.

Now Bobby you can post the most sincere heart felt even genuinely sypathetic reply to whatever nonsense they spew and you and I both know that you are going to get no consideration or appreciation for your effort. I know that you have the best intentions but you are wasting your time and only encouraging more troll posting, especially when you let it know that it's offending you. That's what it wants to do.

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Email me.

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Bob DeWeese, CML

Why the f*ck not?

And why do you feel

I don't give a f*ck one way or the other.

Not as many as you nimrods think.

and criticize someone for conducting

Dont be so f****ng easily offended. I mean f*ck I'm offended by your f****ng tagline but you dont see me crying about it.

Which post?

I'm asking you (and a lot

I can't be offensive to anyone unless they allow themselves to get offended so get over it.

You aren't qualified to administer a test. You still believe in creationist bullshit that was discredited years ago many times over.

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