Lost my Sargent Keso key - How to get replacement?

I tried to get to Sargent website - but it is down. I was hoping to
copy my coworker's Keso key - but it says on the key "Do not
duplicate". I'm going to get into big trouble at my job if I don't
produce my lost key.
Would appreciate your help - Thanks!
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start crying.. going by MY neck of the woods, the people with the capability TO copy that key, are highly protective of doing so-they know who they sold the system to AND who is 'allowed' to have a copy made... so, methinks you are in for some serious 'flack', but the sooner you fess up, the better.. (assuming, cause I cant prove it either way, you DID have a legitimate reason to have that key) --Shiva--
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Ottawa Canada
Unfortunately you will have to fess up to your boss about losing your Sargent Keso key.
These keys are used in higher security environments and your boss will want to know your key has gone missing so the appropriate measures, possibly changing the bittings of all the locks your Keso key fits in order to maintain good security.
Mart> I tried to get to Sargent website - but it is down. I was hoping to
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Brian K.Lingard
Boy are you in the wrong fucking place! These secret squirrels wont tell you shit.
Heres what you do:
Call around and find a locksmith who has the blanks and can make you the copy.
Paint over the do not duplicate shit on the head of the key. Use you favorite color, red green blue what the fuck ever. When the paint is dry rub your fingers preferably slightly dirty fingers back and forth on the paint about 50 times or so. You dont want it to look like you just painted over "do not duplicate". Put the key on your ring and bang it around a little to mark up the paint a bit. Dont rub it off the do not duplciate shit though. Scratching a number or letter code in the paint is a nice touch, makes it look like there was a reason to paint the damn thing. Do the same shit with different colors of paint to 3 or 4 other random keys on your ring. Preferabl;y ones that look similar enough to be confused with the one you want copied. Dont be fucking lazy it only takes a few minutes.
Take the key to the secret squirrel, I mean locksmith, chat them up and be nice. These guys are really paranoid but they are also lazy and theres a good chance they wont scratch off all that paint and risk looking like an idiot. Make sure you let the locksmith see you take the key off the ring so he sees the other keys with paint on them. He will think you are just a dumbass consumer that cant tell one key from another without painting the damn things, which is fine and well for your purposes. If the first one dont go for it try try again.
You can increase the chances of this working to damn near 100% if you get the hottest flirtiest girl you know, assuming you arent a fucking loser who only knows ugly girls, to take the key in. These guys dont get out much and they will trip over themselves for some hot T&A.
Whatever you do dont tell your boss about the lost key. That might royally fuck up somebodys plan to break in the building with it and boost every god damn thing in site.
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Advice given to student pilots: "When lost, climb and confess."
You'll feel a lot more stupid, and be in a lot more trouble, if you delay reporting it.
It happens. Go in and admit it. Get over it. Learn from it.
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Joe Kesselman
AFAIK most patent / restricted kys are cut to code even though a sample may be available. How are you going to overcome that, smartass?
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Most reputable locksmiths, handed a key with paint, will hand it back or scrape off the paint or both.
And a know-nothing in a hardware store won't duplicate a Keso. Which is why the question was posted here.
It's known as key control. It's part of what the owner paid for when they went with a higher-security locking system.
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Joe Kesselman
I do not think that smarty boy understands this. Nor the fact that owners will react like wounded bulls if they find out that duplicates are being made without authority. It is their money and they are more than happy for locksmiths to behave like 'secret squirrels'.
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"Martin" wrote in message:
Why not tell the truth... Fess up to loosing the key... That is the honorable thing to do...
Besides the only thing you would have been able to do regarding the KESO product line on the Sargent webpage would be to send off an e-mail to the offices in Connecticut asking for a referral for an authorized KESO rep for your area to contact you...
Not to mention that the KESO product line is considered OBSOLETE and the Sargent (Assa/Abloy) company now recommends all of its customers seeking the "ultimate" level of key control use its Sargent/Assa V-10 product line which uses a side-bar locking system...
"somesmartass" wrote in message:
Oh smartass,
You seem to think that the $10,000 key machines that can orginiate dimple keys grow on trees... There will only be on or two of those machines in an entire state... I know this because I once had to search for a locksmith capable of duplicating KABA dimple keys for the escalators at the mall I previously worked for... Had to travel all the way to Albany from the Boston area to have keys made, and then the locksmith was only willing to do so because it was a non-restricted "catagory" type bitting, one of several used exculsively for escalator keyswitches...
So a locksmith that has both the machine and the Keso blanks would know not to produce any duplicates for you without some kind of documented authorization as determined by the Sargent KESO key control policies...
Evan, ~~ formerly a maintenance man, now a college student...
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An authorization card similar to a credit card if it's master keyed or serial coded. Without it the SSA suggestion isn't going to work, not without colusion or complete incompetence on the part of the person making the copy.
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Professional locksmiths have already pointed out it's unlikely you can get what you want. One more thought -- if and when you eventually turn in a key that is NOT stamped "Do not duplicate" you will be held accountable. If and when the security provided by that key is broken, you will be questioned and you will likely be asked to turn in your key in order to obtain one for the new lock fitting. Think hard before attempting to deceive your employer.
David Ames
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David Ames
Which is enough if he's smart.
No I think leaves or sometimes needles grow on fucking trees.
There will only be on or two of those machines in an
That's because the secret squirrels knew right away as soon as you called they were dealing with a fucking moron and wanted nothing to do with your dumb ass.
at the mall I
Ah the mall fired your ass and then you went to work at the tampon plant.
Had to travel all the way to Albany from the
Oh naive little jerk off. Getting restricted keys made without the proper authorization, or at least the original proper authorization LOL is not hard. I've done it a number of times. Usually though I send in Rebecca who looks like Jennifer Garner only way hotter to sweet talk the secret squirrel.
I see you were finally fired from the tampon plant.
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I couldn't tell ya. I've never met a reputable locksmith.
Which is why the fuck I didn't send him to a hardware store.
Key control is a myth.
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Then obviously you can't read since I never mentioned shit about a hardware store in my post.
If only the secret squirrels weren't usually so stupid the owners might get what they paid for.
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