Found Keso-type key. Can you identify?

Greetings Locksmiths,

I found a set of keys the other day, and I'm trying to track down the owner. One the keys looks like a Keso dimpled key. I have one of these myself, a Sargent Keso. My limited understanding is that they're high-security, and only made by the manufacturer.

Would any of you recognize the design? The key has a bright red plastic handhold, with a six-pointed star pressed into both sides of the red plastic. The key is somewhat shorter than the Keso that I have; the metal portion is only about an inch long. There are three different sets of dimples differentiated by their depth -- flush, half, and full indent.

I know it's a long shot, especially if there are generic equivalents sold commercially with lockboxes and such, but I know these things can be expensive. If I lost my Sargent Keso, I would be very glad to get it back.

Please email if you recognize the design, or have some insights.

Thanks for reading, Kenneth Jones

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Kenneth Jones
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Your best best for returning it is turning it in to a lost-and-found at Yale and hoping whoever owns it comes looking for it. Most folks don't

*WANT* you to know they own a pariticular key, for fear of the key coming back temporarily and then leaving with a bunch of other stuff.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Probably a key to a steering lock like "The Club".

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Roger Shoaf

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