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I would appreciate some help on removing the WeiserBolt knobset cylinder for rekeying. I don't think it works like the A or E series with the spring loaded spindle. Looking down in the opening where the spindle is connected to the cylinder, there appears to be a spring loaded pin holding a screw cap, something similiar to the common schlage plug retainer. If I attempt to unscrew this cap will the plug fall out when turned? Thanks.

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Charles Reid
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I used to live in a town that had a lot of Weiser locks. I hate them things.

You have to pull the little clip off the center shaft, and then the gearbox slides off.

Then you need to depress the pin like a Schlage A-line, and crank off the tail cap. There is a special gadget made for doing that, you press it in and crank the threaded cap off. I have one in my tools some where. I havn't worked on one of those Weiserbolts in ages, and don't want to again.

I can't remember who made the gazoony, but your wholesale house oughta be able to help.

And then you can follow the plug out. It's a really odd piece of gear.

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Stormin Mormon

Here is your tool.

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At $5 it is well worth having.

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Roger Shoaf

To answer your last question, if you unscrew the cap the plug will come out when it is turned. You will have to use a plug follower to keep the pins and springs in place.

Leon Rowell

Charles Reid wrote:

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Leon Rowell

knobset cylinder

series with the spring

spindle is connected

holding a screw

retainer. If I attempt to


yes.. also, don't get the gearbox out of time.

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It's also a great tool for Arrow & US Lock......

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Thanks to all for the help. I agree, don't want to see many of these. Will try to convince customer to replace vice rekey.

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Charles Reid

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