LGB 1015U and 5180: Help please, am I being thick?


I am trying to wire up a simple insulation in a siding using a 1015U and

5180 On/off Control Box (something I thought would be a peice of cake!), but seem to be having some problems. I should point out I am relatively new to Garden Railroading.

My problem is that I seem to only be able to drive into the siding and not reverse out or drive just past the 1015U (when the Loco stops) and then reverse out. Should I be able to set up a simple dead-end siding using the

1015U and 5180 to dive in, iscolate then activate again and reverse out? The siding is not in a loop nor in a station passing siding, just a simple dead-end siding off a single circuit/loop of track.

I am wondering whether I am having some polarity problems similar to those found in a reversing loop, but I have gone over the instructions and wiring over and over and just can't get it. I am also beginning to wonder whether I am using the correct LGB bits to acheive this. The output from the Control Box (switch labeled terminal) is connected to the 2A terminal on the iscolated (siding side) of the 1015U.

Thank you all for your help and I hope someone will point out something simple and put me out of my misery. Please don't be concerned about offending me by pointing out what might seem to you the blindingly obvious...


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I am not familiar with LGB, but the circurtry should be standard. IF1 you have insulators on both rails after the turnout, you will need two wires to power the track. IF2 you have an insulator on only one rail then you will need one wire to power that rail.

What you need is either a DPST toggle for IF1 or a SPST for IF2. The DPST will have four terminals on the back. Two come from your power supply (PS) and the other two go to the rails of your siding.

So, it would look something like this bad ascii: IF1 PS +_________A B__________track DPST PS -_________C D__________track

IF2 PS +________A B___________track SPST PS -__________________________track

DPST=Double Pole-Single Throw SPST=Single Pole-Single Throw

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Frank Rosenbaum

I don't think you're having reverse loop polarity problems. You may not be using the correct bits.

I'm not familiar with LGB products, so I took a quick look at their website. I couldn't find your 1015U, but found 10152 and 10153.

From your symptoms, you can run in, but not out, it looks like there's a diode in your 1015U, which the 10152 instructions mention. Try turning the track section around and see if you can run out, but not in.

The 5180 looks a bit over complicated.

I'd say put the LGB boxes on the shelf for the time being. If you have a loop, and all you want to do is kill power to a dead end siding, all you need is an insulated gap in either rail, and an on/off switch to bridge that gap. Turn the switch on and the train will run in and out normally. Turn it off and a train in the siding won't get power.

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It seems to me you have a diode across the gap after the turnout (5180?) The use of a diode is quite reasonable on a siding so long as it stops the loco going in (clear of the turnout) and allows it to run out when the track current is reversed. The turnout would interupt the track current to keep the loco in the siding when the main line route is selected.

Regards, Greg.P.

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Greg Procter

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