LGB 5012 Outdoor "Hut" Throttle: Help Please

Have searched the group and cannot find anything on this. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread.

I have recently bought a 2nd hand 5012 throttle. I can't work out if I am doing something wrong or it is faulty.

I've tried connecting up a DC power source to the throttle and using a test meter reading the output from the throttle. The throttle does not seem to vary the DC output at all and is effectively either full on or off, regardless where the throttle is turned past on.

Do I need a special DC supply? Is there something I could do to further check out the throttle? Anyone have a copy of the original instructions handy please?

The power input on the throttle does denote 14V and I assume DC as there is no AC to DC circuit in the throttle, just a largish capacitor.

Thank you all in advance for your help. I should add that I relatively new to LGB too.

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Test it with a load. If you are using other than a true RMS meter or scope, the meter may be reading the pulse peaks and not take into consideration the pulse width & total area under the curve.


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I'm not familiar with the LGB throttle, but I built a transistor throttle once. It always showed full voltage on a meter, till I connected it to a load, then it worked like a throttle should, with varying voltage. Try connecting the throttle to a piece of track and put a train on it to see what happens.

It may also be a pulse width modulation throttle, giving square waves of full voltage with varying pulse width. Again, try it with a train and see what happens.

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