Slip Roll - Aluminum?

We're a small shop and we're looking to purchase a machine to roll parts.
I'd need something with the capacity to roll 1/8 inch aluminum. Width
wouldn't need to be more than 18 inches--the more, the better but not
necessary. Manual (hand crank) is also fine.
Do any of you know of a slip roll that would handle 1/8 aluminum, or is my
only option a plate roller? There's a pretty big jump in price from slip
rolls to plate rollers, and I can't justify the cost of a plate roller.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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Build one, its not that hard. I built the roller that is shown on metalweb news in their dropbox. It does an excellent job on 3/16 aluminum up to 24" wide.
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Bert Plank
that's interesting. bert, could you point me to the article itself? i went to metalweb news and though i COULD search their site for it, it would be a lot easier if there was a direct link to the article, or even a file name to search for. (it seems and are two separate entities and the "dropbox" at is *HUGE* and comprises several years worth of "drops".)
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William Wixon
OK ... MetalWebNews
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does not have a drop box, per se. They do have various submitted projects, including a "METAL FABRICATION [Forming, Assembly, etc.]" section
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. That section has a roller in it
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, but the "author" is Arnie Deeds, not Bert Plank.
There is DropBox at
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, but a search of the current list, as well as the 1997-2004 archives on "slip" & "roll" did not turn up a roller by Bert Plank.
So Bert, could you be a *little* more specific about where your roller is posted?
Thanks, Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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