Diamond Wheel Dressing

Had look at a professional diamond wheel dresser. It's a horizontal spindle in what looks a bit like a tailstock casting.. One end carries what looks like a bog standard 4" x 1" aloxite wheel.The other end has an enclosed centrifugal brake. Shouldn't be too difficult to make a similar item.

Instructions say :- gently bring the periphery of the wheel into contact with the face or periphery of a diamond wheel which is running at normal grinding speed. The dresser wheel will then speed up until the centrifugal brake limits its speed to a bit less than the diamond wheel peripheral speed. Oscillate the dresser wheel side to side and the differential speed grinding action dresses the diamond wheel in much the same way as a diamond dresses an aloxite wheel.

Looks like a useful piece of kit but there's no information on the optimum cut in speed of the centrifugal brake. Does anybody know how to work this out?


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