Dismantle Hoover motor (Filing machine)

Hello all,

The one that came with my Excel table top filing machine. I'm stripping the machine as it's plastered with paint, and in any case, wish to check it over & give it a clean set of clothes.

Cannot find any reference number or any indication of model etc. on any of the castings or parts except the Excel name cast on the base.

The base dimensions:  370x260mm I wish to dismantle the motor, again due to layers of paint, but not sure how to proceed, so need advise please.

The end bearing caps have what appear to be 'C' spanner slots on their circumferences.

Have got the long bolts out holding the end covers in place, but apart from the covers coming off of the case recesses, no further, hence my request.

Hope someone can help. Motor details: Aluminium frame. Hoover A.C. Motor Made in Scotland Type: 738811BF1309C (the 11 could be an H) Ser. No. 70379XJ B.S. Frame (no details) H.P. 1/2 PH. 1 R.P.M. 1425

Regards Geoff - only 55% humidity, 80% last week!

--  Norfolk

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I would advise you not to proceed with this idea.

These motors are quite old now and the internal wiring gets very brittle and the insulation can fall off. The wires go between the central portion of the motor to the back of the terminals in the rear cover. More wires go to the centrifugal switch and all are vulnerable. Treat the motor as a single unit cleaning and painting - if you must.


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Bob Minchin

Thanks Bob.

Will do as you suggest and leave well alone. Was just worried about bits of paint getting into the works, but should be able to shake them out.

Been using Biostrip to get the paint off of the parts. It works very well with no smell and best of all water based. Will be using it on my Austin Seven soon. Regards Geoff

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