Ebay madness Item number: 270107007549

Is it me, or are some people mad?
I've been watching an ever nasty MEC Brown chop saw (with the awful type of
no back jaw vice)on EBay, it sold for an amazing £520
Maybe I will put my old saw back together !!!
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They aren't all that cheap new, though. Mind you, Myfords aren't/weren't all that cheap new either and the bottom seems to have completely fallen out of the market for them, to the extent that I'm no longer thinking of selling my spare ML7. I'll use it for cylindrical grinding and woodwork instead.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
I think that the Chinese lathes are starting to reach a quality, as well as quantity in the marketplace that the demand is starting to be reduced a bit.
Maybe I'll be able to afford that cherry Super 7 one day. :-)
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Looks like the Tom Senior I have stuck in the corner is is either worthless, or priceless then !!! Bob
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Mark, interesting movement in Myford (ML7 particularly) prices since Christmas. Very good ones have certainly slipped but still make reasonable money, but good average machines seem to have dropped to very near the level of the worn out stuff you would expect to be parted out. People still seem to want to pay nearly =A3300 for a worn out or incomplete junker but fine workable machines struggle to go over =A3350-=A3400 unless they have a gearbox, tri-lever or lots of goodies. S7 prices seem to be moving similarly but more slowly. Very much the type of slippage in prices you would expect from a flooded market where the most common and most available are hit first. I wonder if it is a sign of less people starting the interest or a sign of more people being prepared to risk an import as the quality has certainly improved of late. Won't affect me much as my Myford is definitely not for sale but interesting none the less. I have an excellent Emco Compact 8 that no one wanted at any price that I use for woodwork and it works well, I hadn't thought of using it as a cylindrical grinder, a much better idea.
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