MEC super Brown saw

I am convinced all MEC brown saws, of any age, make that awful
grinding/vibrating/knarling sound when cutting steel. A bit like the gearbox
is about to fall into pieces, new blade or not, makes little difference.(
yes, clutch is adjusted tight)
On that note, I completely stripped an old one (the one with the vice that
sits, and opens and closes at an angle). All bearings seem to be ok, the
worm drive is ok on the motor shaft, as are the bearings. The bronze worm
wheel shows slight signs of wear, but not that bad in my opinion, -the teeth
are not razor sharp. The clutch cone fits nice, no sign of slipping on the
dished clutch plates- So I give up, its a mystery noise.
I am unlikely to put it all back together as I have another, newer one,
(which also makes these strange noises, but has a back jaw and cut part
clamp) so if anyone is after any bits, let me know before it goes to the
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--Is this a cold saw? I've had a Mec Brown for a few decades now; the only noises it makes are when cutting: something's not right about the geometry methinks, causing it to be more noisy than any other cold saw I've seen (or heard!). OTOH it was cheap, heh.
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Yes, its a cold saw. I adjusted the fore and aft position of the head many times, no difference. I have a newer one, with no adjustment, but still the same noises. Bob
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--Well FWIW here's a link to the company that made mine:
formatting link
Maybe you could drop 'em a line and find out what gives. Do you have a manual for your machine?
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