Can any one help, we are trying to find a 2 speed rotary switch for a Mec Brown

75 cut off saw. the info we have is that it is an "Ergo two speed switch VDE 0660" 415 volt 50h
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The DIN VDE 0660 is German standard--not of much help in fitting the function.

Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN; translates to German Institute for Standardization)

Need number of poles, power rating, dimensions, etc., etc, etc., to try to find replacement. If there's a manufacturer on it, that can help; often these things are only specifically to the OEM, however, so can't always find it in the manufactuer's catalog or be able to obtain one except thru manufacturer.

But, you can go thru Newark and Mouser and the ilk and see if you can find something that will match.

If that brings no joy, if I'm not mistaken, the parent company is/was Pedrazzoli???

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Just call your local electric supply house and tell them you need a (generic) two speed switch. Most two speed motors are the same. There is re two sets of leads. For one speed, one set is energized, and the other set is open. For the other speed, the other set of leads is powered, and the first set is shorted.

Your motor should be the same as any other two speed motor... Don't worry about the exact original German switch.

The info you just tells us 415 volts, 50 hertz. Not the volts or the hertz, if you are in America, anyway..

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