DeWalt metal cut-off saw

I've got a 14" metal cut off saw that I have finally worn out the original
blade on. Went to replace it with a norton 14" blade that had a 1" center
hole. The original blade had a 1" hole as well. The shaft looks to be 3/4"
and it appears there are two circle friction plates that squeeze the blade.
The inner plate has a flat that matches the flat on the shaft thus
preventing it from turning on the shaft. There appears to be no provisions
for centering the 1" holed blade on the 3/4" shaft and that the blade is
simply secured via friction fit between the inner and outer plates.
Is that the way these cut-off saws are supposed to be? Do I just eyeball the
blade to get it centered on the spindle? Concerned about it being to far out
of balance.
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Wayne Farrington
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What type of cut off saw is this? Is this a dry cut? If so it might need a new blade and arbor kit. It comes free from DeWalt. Take it too a DeWalt service center and have them fix it. If it is an abrasive type I haven't got a clue.
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