Carbide Cut-off Saw

I can't seem to find an old post that talked about a carbide tipped saw for
cutting steel that can be used in a normal abrasive cuttoff saw.
Can anyone please point me to the site where they have these. None of the
local manufacturers make anything bigger then 230mm and I need 300mm plus
for cutting larger HRS.
Tks in advance
John Allen
New Zealand.
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John Allen
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No the dry-cut carbide blades are meant to be used in Dry-cut saws. They look like abrasive saws, but run at 1/2 the RPM and twice the torque.
There are dry-cut blades that can be used in any worm drive circular saw.
Tenryu Steel Pro
Morse Metal Devil
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Ernie--how do abrasive wheels do in the dry-cut saw? I seem to remember you recommending them for stainless, but can't recall which saw you were using. I've got a 14" Dewalt dry cut saw.
Jeff Dantzler Seattle, WA
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Jeff Dantzler
Really well, but if you have been using stick wax as a cutting lube the sparks from the abrasive wheel will smoke out the wax residue inside the blade guard. It will produce quite a bit of smoke.
Dry-cut saws have a much stronger frame and pivot system, so the abrasive wheel doesn't deflect as much.
It gives very straight cuts. I sometimes swap in an abrasive wheel when cutting a lot of thin wall stainless steel tube. That stuff tears up dry-cut blades.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I've purchased a blade made by Matsushita
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and it is meant to be used in a 7 1/4" handheld circular saw which has a no-load rated speed of 5300 RPM . I've cut 1 1/4" thick mild steel plate with it and did not have any problems. How blade life, etc. is working this hard will be interesting to see. I honestly don't know if it needs to run slower, the chip that is formed is small, 1 1/4 curl, and blue. I do agree that 12" dia. might be too big to run at 3800 rpm. (SFM=12x3.14x3800/12=11932 ) That's a significant amount faster than the 10000 sfm that my 7.25" runs.
There are other manufacturers that make them, just do a search for "steel cutting saw blades" and you'll find info which seems to corraborate some of the comments that others have made.
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