metal cutting circular saw blades

Hoping there's someone out there who can point me in the direction of
a good blade
that 1) lasts well, and 2) doesn't break the bank. I seem to
remember that for a few
years Tenryu (sp?) was the best, but now there's blades out there for
20 or 30 bucks, with no rpm reductions required according to their
specs, and most of the claims for any of them sound like marketing
puffery, rather than conveying any useful info.
So I'm wondering , can anyone shed some light on why so many of the
blades (presumably with c-6 carbide teeth) are now 'OK' to use at
higher rpm? I've been using an 8 1/4" blade by Milwaukee (at about
2600 rpm) for a couple years now on my table saw, mostly for cutting
thin wall tubing, and it's starting to get a little dull (burr it
leaves is getting progressively bigger).
I've also tried a few 'cheap' 7 1/4" metal-cutting blades from HF and
Tractor Supply, but the teeth disappear so fast on those that I
suspect I'd get as good a life from regular wood-cutting carbide
tipped blades - I've got a bunch of dull ones, maybe I'll give a few
of them a try.
Thanks in advance for any info.
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