parting-off, and concentricity

Two questions - first, I am trying to part off some 1 1/2 inch Hastelloy X. Using a HSS parting blade, either it turns too slow and skids rather than cutting, and if I turn the speed up it cuts for a few seconds, then the tool overheats and wears away rather rapidly.

I can't find a happy medium speed, I think a carbide blade would snap, and a hacksaw doesn't seem to actually cut at all - any other suggestions?

Second, I am planning to buy a rotary table. The ones in the size I need have a short MT2 hole in the centre. My question is, how concentric is that likely to be? If I turned a piece on the lathe fixed to a MT2 stub in a MT3 adapter in the MT3 hole in the main shaft of the lathe, then transferred it to the table, approximately how accurately would the concentricity be maintained?


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Peter Fairbrother
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Peter If you're prepared to saw rather than part it in the lathe, try a carbide hacksaw blade; I bought one in Wickes and used it very successfully to saw some fully hardened bearing rod (from a linear bearing). I found it was so good that I went back and bought the 1/2 dozen or so that they had in stock as they were very cheap. I think they're meant for cutting ceramic tiles. Martin

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Martin Whybrow


Sounds good - I only have four cuts to make, so a hacksaw is not out of the question. Mind, I guess that even with a carbide blade or six it will still take quite a while ...

Ta very much.

Wickes!, here I come !! :)

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Peter Fairbrother

Use an angle grinder!!! Looks pretty...

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