Ex MOD / AWE tools

I've just bought a straight edge which is ex MOD. On closer instpection (at
home) I noticed that it is labeled AWE, which I suspect means it used to
belong to the Atomic Weapons Extablishment. I'm now a bit uncomfortable,
just in case theres the remotest change it could be contaminted.
Does anybody have any more info or comments on ex AWE tooling ?
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Does it glow in the dark? ;-)
Think logically a straight edge would be used by a person, hence I would assume it would not be exposed to large doses of radiation, though in theory if several people used it over several years....
To be slighly more serious, if you are genuinely worried you would need to dispose of it, however, if you think it might be radio-active, you can't just dump it in the bin as there are procedures and laws regarding such disposals of 'low level' nuclear waste.
If you have a local school or college with a physics department they would have a giger counter?
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I wondered if anyone would say that ;)
I think it highly unlikely that any contaminated tooling would be allowed out of any controlled area...but then you never know!
I wouldn't mind betting they'd be understandably uncooperative.
Is it not possible to trace a path back from the vendor? Failing that you could try the MOD...but then that might result in the men in white coats turning up ( the 'other' white coats, that is ).
Alternatively, you could build your own geiger counter...quite a popular project, given the hits on google.
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Stephen Howard
Ive been working on MoD stuff that has gone to and froe to afgan, iraq, the question was asked, the reply was no problem, all equipment is clean?, prossible that there is more radio active stuff in your tig tungstens, did find various bullets live and dead
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Some scrap metal yards have radation detectors and geiger counters. perhaps you can visit one of them. all the best..mark
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Do you think it likely that any contaminated equipment would have even left the building least of all find itself on the open market. I think not.
Martin P
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Are you sure that AWE stands for "Atomic Weapons Establishment", I'm pretty sure that there used to be (still is??) an "Admiralty Weapons Establishment", which would be a lot more comfortable to deal with!! cheers Bill Pudney Adelaide, Australia
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Bill, you might be right - I thought Aldermaston was AWRE - Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.
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In which case....check for barnacles...
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Stephen Howard
...not to mention crabs
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
AWE does indeed stand for Aldermaston or Burghfield, though ex-AWE stuff might be Cardiff. (Google AWE)
Any released material is 'clean' radioactively. Probably less radioactive than your granite worksurface.
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